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Established in 2000 by a group of passionate globetrotters deeply devoted to their cherished island, Breeze Tour Villas in Zakynthos, Greece, has evolved into a haven for vacationers seeking a personalized touch. Nestled on the Ionian island of Zakynthos, renowned for its pristine villages and flawless beaches, we embarked on a mission to impart our knowledge to travelers in pursuit of an exceptional holiday experience. Our commitment involves meticulously selecting the ideal location for each guest and orchestrating the finer details that elevate your stay to unforgettable heights.

Breeze Tour Villas, a hub of holiday adventures, has grown from managing a handful of estates to overseeing more than 40 distinctive properties across Zakynthos, Greece. Catering to a diverse array of travelers, our portfolio includes beachfront or mountain retreats, each tailored to individual tastes and preferences, whether it be a villa with a jacuzzi or a pool. We orchestrate your entire Zante journey, offering services such as transfers, catering, maid service, as well as organizing activities, cruises, and excursions. Book your villas in Greece with us.

In response to the escalating number of guests, our team has expanded, ensuring that each associate shares our enthusiasm and professionalism, aligning with our collective goals. Our overarching mission is to curate unparalleled vacations for those who choose to explore our homeland, turning their trip to Zakynthos into an indelible, lifelong memory.

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